Reports of violence by PTI protestors being received from different parts of country

Reports of violence, chaos and disorder, being carried out by the violent PTI protestors, are being received from different parts of the country.

The PTI activists carrying batons have resorted to subjecting police officials to violence in different areas. They also pelted stoned at the security forces deputed to ensure law and order.

Some of them even carried guns and ammunition and are attacking police. It is not a peaceful march for democracy, but a bloody march.

PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur distributed batons among the activists to make “Danda Bardar” force, and tweeted that this force will attack the police.

PTI leader Zubair Niazi has been freed from the police by protestors.

The government is responsible for ensuring safety and security of state and public, but protestors are bent upon creating violence.

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