Transgender Employment Program launched in Islamabad

By Shakeel Ahmed

Khwaja Quran School & Shelter Home and Transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan have jointly launched the Transgender Employment Program. Under this program, initially six Transgender persons have set up stalls in different main marakaz of capital city. Transgender persons are earning money with dignity by selling toys, jewelery and daily necessities.

Formal applications were made to the Islamabad administration for facilitation of these stalls. On which former District Administration already had issued approval.

Nayab Ali, head of the organization that works for transgender persons and other Transgender persons, said that decent employment can only give transgender persons a repectable place in society. The government should take steps to increase the economic status of Transgender persons and also protect their fundamental rights.

The trans “Mukho”, who’s stall is stationed at the F-11 center, looks very satisfied. “When we begged, someone would give us a few rupees, while most people would push us away,” she said. She said “since I started my own stall, society has started to look at me with respect”.

The transgender who has set up a stall in F-6 is Lubna. She is also a disabled person. But she thinks that begging is a defect. She said all the Transgender persons in Islamabad should stop begging and start earning a decent living. Instead of seeing Transgender persons begging on the streets of Islamabad, you will now see stalls set up at various Marakaz, she added.

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