Green Tech and purification of world climate

By  Shakeel Ahmed

 Green Tech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology. Green Tech focuses on the early stages of the horticulture issues relevant to growers. Green Tech exhibition takes place after every two years

Horticulture is the science and art of the development, sustainable production, marketing, and use of high-value, intensively cultivated food and ornamental plants.

Horticulture also contributes to the quality of life, and the beauty, sustainability, and rehabilitation of our environment and the human condition.

Plants, crops, and green spaces sustain and enrich our lives by providing nutritious food, enhancing the beauty of our homes and community, ties and reducing our carbon footprint.

Practitioners of horticulture are as diverse as the crops that make up the industry and the discipline. They include a wide array of individuals and groups who farm, landscape, garden, research, advise and enjoy the bounty of horticultural plants for their nourishment, health benefits, and aesthetics.

Green Tech Amsterdam is an international horticulture-based event and it takes place in different countries of the world

This campaign of horticulture aims to purify the atmosphere of the world. Does this also guide us on How can we meet fresh food demands for the rapidly growing population? By 2050 there will be an estimated 9+ billion people inhabiting the earth, but food supplies will be insufficient. Protected horticulture can ensure high-quality products and contribute to global food security. Sustainable and circular cultivation is, therefore, a necessity. Big challenges such as restricted availability of fresh water, an excess of greenhouse gas emissions, and pest control are only a few of the issues that require urgent attention.

It also is seemed that more and more growers all over the world are choosing to reuse the water in their greenhouses. To do so, it is important that the drain water is properly disinfected first. Various methods can be used for this. We list three different options: ultraviolet, ultrafiltration, and ultrasonic sound

Protected horticulture, or growing crops in greenhouses, offers high-quality production of vegetables to help feed the world fresh and healthy food. Greenhouses have a potential for high productivity, offering up to 10-15 times more fresh produce than open-field farming. Water and humidity inside. I congratulate the Organizers of human-loving Amsterdam for being held this human-loving international Exhibition

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