This blue battlefield is like an oyster with shining pearls of valuable resources

Dr. Sidra Zubair

Let us wear the lens which takes us to the journey of the Mediterranean Sea. This sea is surrounded by veil of number of countries from Europe to Middle East to Africa. This blue battlefield is like an oyster with shining pearls of valuable resources: natural gas, petroleum, fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants, etc. Apart from aforementioned benefits, the most important channels: Strait of Gibraltar, Strait of Turkey and Suez Canal are under its sleeves.

Going further to its right is the Black Sea. This sea is highly significant for playing blue interests. The Black Sea acts as buffer between NATO and Russia and is the gate to the Mediterranean Sea. Coming to Ukraine, which is the world largest grain exporter, is enjoying this status due to the Black Sea. According to the World Bank report, this Sea is rich in petroleum and natural gas reserves. Moreover, control over this sea would bring automatic control over trade through this region along with influence over the foreign policies of dependent states. Because of these advantages, many states are engaged in conflicts to gain authority over Black Sea: Russia, NATO, Turkey, EU are the top combatants here.

Water passages whose size (small) has inverse relation to their significance are also located by nature on this planet. These channels have caught human eyes to wage Blue Race. Strait of Hormuz in Persian Gulf is a hot channel of Middle East. Conflicts between the US and Iran have their one arm on Strait of Hormuz. Strait of Malacca is another significant channel connecting Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. More than 30% of world trade pass through this channel, making it important spot for Blue Wars. Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and Strait of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. These two strategically important channels have remained the source of conflicts among powerful states.

Now arises this question, who is winning and who is losing this Blue Race? From the perspective of powerful to weak state arrangement, powerful pole is the ultimate winner. From the perspective of the North-South division, stronger states in the North have control over Arctic, Atlantic and Mediterranean water bodies. Stronger states of the South are wearing the crown of authority in Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Pacific Ocean, etc. From the perspective of liberalists, no one is winner, as all the members, participating and non-participating, are preparing platform for their combined destruction. Concluding above perspectives, the ultimate loser in all circumstances are Southern African states, Latin America and some Asian states.

The key that was promised in the first paragraph, has been constructed by you. Now, you must have got the clarity of this Blue Race which is spread like web across the globe. As Hillary Clinton said, “Blue platforms are burning”, this volcano would erupt soon and would take into its claws the whole globe. It is the duty of those who are at powerful pole to construct this blue platform for the benefit of all, as Antonio Guterres once said,

“The sweetness of the fruits of your efforts is translated by the genetic makeup of seeds that you sow.”

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