New Zealand set a wrong precedent, relations between the two boards will be affected: Wasim Khan

“Forty-eight hours was very difficult for us,” said CEO PCB Wasim Khan, referring to the return of the New Zealand cricket team. I want to bring some facts to light.


Wasim Khan said that on Friday, ESI security chief Rigg Dixon called. Rigg Dixon said there was a risk of an attack on the New Zealand team. Neither we nor our security agencies have been notified of the threat, Neo News reported


He said that New Zealand set a wrong precedent by canceling the series. This will worsen the relationship between the two boards. Despite the attack on a New Zealand mosque, Pakistani players went to play there. The issue of the return of the Kiwi team will be raised in the ICC.

It is to be noted that the 33-member squad of the New Zealand cricket team left the tour of Pakistan incomplete and left for UAE yesterday where they are being quarantined for 24 hours after which they will leave for New Zealand.


The New Zealand squad was stopped by normal traffic on the routes to Islam Airport. There were very strict security arrangements at the airport. At Islam Airport, passengers and crew were restricted to certain areas.


As long as the New Zealand team was present at the airport, the control was maintained by the Special Branch and the security agencies. The New Zealand cricket team was seated in the State Guest Lounge.

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