Petrol will be expensive, 120 billion relief package, increase salaries in lucrative sectors: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while presenting a historic relief package worth Rs 120 billion with 30% subsidy on flour, pulses and ghee for 130 million people of the country, said that the subsidy would be for the next six months. “If two big families bring back half the money they looted in 30 years, I will halve the prices of food items. The government is doing its best to control inflation.” This rate is only 9% in Pakistan as compared to the percentage. In the context of global crude oil prices, petrol prices in the country will have to be increased otherwise our deficit will increase, revenues will decrease. Gas problem also arises in winter. ‘Pakistan is forced to raise the price of imported gas’ Profit-seeking sectors should increase the salaries of their employees ‘Economic indicators are moving in the right direction’ Rs 1400 billion has been allocated under the Successful Pakistan Program 4 million families will be given interest free loans for construction of houses, farmers will be called up to Rs 5 lakh Interest loans will be provided, loans will be provided for business in urban areas, one person from each family will be made skilled, Rs 47 billion is being allocated for 6 million scholarships, media on justice and impartiality. The Prime Minister hoped that the improvement in the supply chain after winter would bring down the prices in the world which would also have an impact on Pakistan.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, Imran Khan said that he appealed to the builders and industrialists of the construction sector to include the workers in their profits and increase the salaries of the workers in the difficult times of inflation.

Imran Khan said that in the Pakistan we inherited, the economic condition of the country was very bad, we got the biggest deficit and debt in the history of Pakistan, there were no foreign exchange reserves and there was no money to repay the debt. “We had to go to the IMF because of the shortage of dollars.

The Prime Minister said that during the Corona epidemic, we saved agriculture, construction and exports in particular, which resulted in an increase of 13.6 per cent in rice production, 8 per cent in maize, 22 per cent in sugarcane, 8 per cent in wheat and 81 per cent in cotton. As a result of which the farmers got an additional Rs. 1100 billion. The conditions of the farmers improved.

Record sales of tractors and motorcycles in the country, urea sales increased by 23%. He said that electricity consumption in the country increased by 13% while tax revenue increased by 37%. The Prime Minister admitted that there was a problem of inflation. The job of the opposition is to criticize. Criticism benefits society. He asked the media to strike a balance and see that the reason for the rising inflation in the country is the rise in global prices. In a country like Turkey, the rate of inflation rose by 19% while its currency fell by 33%. The highest inflation in China since 2006, with the producer price index rising for the first time in 26 years in China and the highest in 50 years in Germany. The Prime Minister said that gas in the United States increased by 116% and Europe by 103% but the prices of gas imported to Pakistan increased. Oil prices rose 100 percent in three months, while we increased it by 33 percent.

Among oil importing countries, Pakistan has the lowest prices per liter. Flour prices in Pakistan are half that of the world. Flour in India is Rs 83 per kg, in Bangladesh Rs 83 per kg and in Pakistan Rs 60 per kg. The prices of pulses are also world class

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