Removal of obstructions from GT Road begins in Gujranwala

The removal of roadblocks from the roads closed due to protests by the banned Jamaat-e-Lubaik Pakistan is underway. Work has been started to remove roadblocks from GT Road in Gujranwala.

Deputy Commissioner Gujarat has said that all obstacles will be removed from the Chenab river bridge while the road from Lahore to Rawalpindi will also be opened.

Due to the closure of GT Road, the traffic between Lahore and Rawalpindi was closed. The bridge over the river Chenab was also closed 14 days ago.

According to reports, soil has been poured in the ditch dug on GT Road.

It is to be noted that the banned Tehreek-e-Libek Pakistan was revived in the wider national interest on the assurance of the Federal Cabinet not to hold violent protests in the future through a circulation summary.

The organization had given a written guarantee of compliance with the forthcoming constitution and law, on which the Punjab cabinet on November 4 approved a summary and sent a recommendation to the federation for the revival of Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan.

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