Amina Art Ansari won the Best Artist with TVC Award(The Variety Club Award) 2020

Amina Art Ansari won the Best Artist with TVC Award(The Variety Club Award) 2020


Painting portraits remembering people during COVID

The art of Amina Ansari creates a bondage with human sentiments in numerous ways. Her sensibility lies with her subject matter on British and South Asian portraiture. She studied at Central Saint Martin’s, London College of Printing in London and National College of Arts in Lahore and has two paintings at Windsor Castle’s in a collection to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee. BBC covered on her Art Therapy workshops ‘I take out anger and sadness through art’. She paints portraits of local people and historical political figures of our time. Take for example, the portrait of the late Benazir Bhutto and Asma Jahangir, these portraiture brings a deeper understanding of incredible women, she has painted her with intense emotive power. The power of humanity. Amina is a deep thinker and is passionate about people, and their particular circumstances. Not to forget, ‘Guantanamera’, Fidel and Che in Jose Marti’s dialogue. She is a critical thinker making marks like a weaver, weaving the gentle painterly marks that spark a poetic narrative. Amina is an outstanding artist of our time and for our future generation. Her paintings speak out; they are lyrical song lines with bright musical notes that connect with society. The 21st century will be an unforgettable era bringing numerous artistic genres. The importance of art and artist will be the most memorable creative moment of our time. Artists have and are living in an unpredictable scenarios juggling with new ideas. For Amina her ideas are at the forefront of making portraits alive. Her art will always be remembered as a historical celebration of people, people who have made a difference to society!

Amina Art Ansari is currently working on the people who have been affected by covid-19 challenging times through her artwork. In this regard she helps individuals as well as organisations across the globe.

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