The International Human Rights Movement has been banned by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the workers harassed and arrested in India.

The International Human Rights Movement has been banned by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the workers harassed and arrested in India.


Once again India’s ugly face of Stealing the rights of it’s citizens has been exposed again.

The Indian government is bewildered by the growing popularity of Muslim hero Rana Basharat Ali Khan.

Rana Basharat Ali Khan blacklisted more than 270 fake Indian organizations that were propagating against Islam and especially Pakistan from the United Nations on which the governments of India and Israel have found fault.

Following the move of Rana Basharat Ali Khan, the Indian government is making every effort to make allegations of terrorism and to prove these false allegations to be true.

India has made strenuous efforts to remove Rana Basharat Ali Khan from the United Nations and as usual failed in its nefarious intentions.

India which claims to be the world’s largest democracy has been unmasked and its ugly and anti-Islamic face has been exposed to the world, due to the policies of Narendra Modi on behalf of all civilized countries of the world, Faced with harsh criticism.

The International Human Rights Movement in collaboration with the United Nations, OIC and the European Union are engaged in the service of God’s people with thousands of volunteers in more than 50 countries and it manifestos has received official acclaim from all countries. Happening. Here too, India’s abominable and inhumane attitude has been exposed to the world by the United Nations, the International Human Rights Movement, which is working under the rule of law in India and the Indian government has started harassing Indian IHRM officials. Unnecessary raids are being carried out on IHRM offices and officials are being harassed and life threats are being made to secede from the organization as its founder and president is Rana Basharat Ali Khan.

The International Human Rights Movement is engaged in the service of humanity all over the world in which there is no discrimination of race, caste, religion and sect and the word of truth is raised for selfless humanity and respect for human rights and This mission will continue forever.

The legal wing of the International Human Rights Movement (IHRM) has decided to go to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for legal action against Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Chief Rameshwar Nath Kao and Foreign Minister Subramanian Jaishankar.

The International human rights organizations have expressed concern over the Indian government’s harassment and arrests of IHRM workers in India and Kashmir.

The International Human Rights held rallies around the world on February 5 in solidarity with the Kashmiri people, held rallies, spread its message through electronic media, print media and social media to the corners of the world and demanded that Kashmir, The ongoing Indian oppression should be stopped and the Kashmir issue should be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people as per the UN Charter and the Kashmiri people should be allowed to live freely in their territory which is the basic right of Kashmiris.

India is bewildered by the voices raised in favor of Kashmir and the closure of more than 270 organizations. Is committing a heinous act.

Rana Basharat Ali Khan has warned that if any harm is done to the lives and properties of Ihrm workers, the Indian government will be responsible for it and a worldwide protest will be held against India all over the world and also take legal action.

Ihrm is Dedicated to Serve Humanity and is never scared of any threat from any Organization in achieving it’s aims of protecting Human Rights.

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