Political solution to bring peace and prosperous in Afghanistan:ASAD QAISAR

Political solution to bring peace and prosperous in Afghanistan:ASAD QAISAR

Afghan Masood Foundation Head Meets Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser

Political solution to bring peace and prosperous in Afghanistan: NA Speaker

Pakistan’s resolute support for an inclusive broad based and political solution to afghan peace process: Reiterates NA Speaker


Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said that a political solution to Afghan issue was imperative for brining peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. He said that Afghan peace process would be be initiation of an era of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan and the region. He reiterated Pakistan’s resolute to support an Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process. He said this in a conversation with Head of Afghan Masood Foundation Ahmad Wali Massoud who met Speaker in Islamabad, this evening along with a delegation.

During the meeting, Pak-Afghan relations and the political situation in the region and issues of mutual interest came under discussion. The Speaker said that Pakistan was strongly desires a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan which is in the best interest of Pakistan and the entire region. He said that Pakistani and Afghan people were bound in everlasting ties of religion, brotherhood, history and culture.

Speaker Asad Qaiser said that Pakistan is steadfast in its support to an inclusive, broad based and political peace efforts in Afghanistan. He said that the parties to the peace process should avail this opportunity and engage constructively for ending decades old conflict in Afghanistan. He said that positive progression in the peace negotiations depicts the commitment of the Afghan leadership in the peace process. He said that people of Afghanistan long for peace in the country. He said that there was no military solution to the Afghan issue.

Referring to the initiatives by the Parliament and the Executive, the Speaker said that Pakistan-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in National Assembly taking the lead discussed and forwarded recommendations for removing impediments in strengthening bilateral relations and trade. He said that Pakistan had opened borders for their Afghan brethren during COVID-19 apart from removing tariff barriers and impediments in Afghan bilateral and transit trade. He also said that Afghan brethren would also benefit from the visa facilitation for visitors, students specially patients. The Speaker informed that 6000 scholarships are being offered for Afghan students. He said that Afghanistan due to its geographical location could serve as the gateway to Central Asia brining CPEC benefits to Afghanistan but to the Central Asia and beyond. He said that establishment of border markets would enhance economic activities both sides of the border. He appreciated Efforts of Masood Foundation in education, health and relief activities in Afghanistan.

Masood Foundation Head Ahmad Wali Masood said that Afghanistan appreciates Pakistan’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan. He said that Afghan nation value Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees for decades. He agreed that the involvement of all parties is essential for lasting peace in Afghanistan. He said that Afghan people strongly desire end to decades old conflict in the country. He agreed that the dividends of peace would not only be reaped by Afghanistan but the entire region.

Ahmad Wali Masood said that people on both sides of the border were tied in eternal bonds due to their close affinities. He expressed his gratitude to Speaker Asad Qaiser for this initiatives for bringing the political leadership and people of both the countries more closer.

The visit of Ahmad Wali Masood is part of Pakistan’s ongoing policy to reach out to political leadership in Afghanistan to forge common understanding on the Afghan peace process and deepen people-to-people linkages.

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