PCB announces match officials’ panels for 2022-23 domestic cricket season

Pakistan Cricket Board today announced its panels of match officials for the 2022-23 men’s domestic cricket season, which kicks-off with the National T20 on 30 August in Rawalpindi. The second leg of the event will run in Multan from 10-19 September.

Former first-class cricketers Aaley Haider, who featured in 90 matches from 1993 to 2005, Mohammad Asif, who participated in 45 matches, Tariq Rasheed, who played 22 matches from 1996-2003, and Muhammad Sajid Khan Afridi, who played five matches, have been promoted to the PCB Elite Panel of Umpires.

The four have joined Ahsan Raza, Asif Yaqoob, Faisal Khan Afridi, Ghaffar Kazmi, Imran Jawed, Nasir Hussain Snr, Rashid Riaz, Saqib Khan, Shozab Raza, Syed Imtiaz Iqbal, Waleed Yaqub and Zameer Haider.

There is no change in the PCB Elite Panel of Match Referees, which includes Ali Naqvi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Anees, Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh, Nadeem Arshad and Prof Muhammad Javed Malik.

Apart from the National T20, the elite panelists will officiate in Quaid-e-Azam Trophy (27 September-30 November) and the Pakistan Cup (10 December-3 January). Ghaffar Kazmi and Zameer Haider will retire during the year.

Aftab Gilani and Qasier Waheed have slipped to the PCB Supplementary Panel of Umpires, which includes few faces in Imranullah Aslam and Qaiser Khan. Other members of the panel are: Abdul Moqeet, Ahmed Shahab, Aslam Bareach, Farooq Ali Khan, Ghulam Sarwar, Kashif Sohail, Khalid Mehmood Snr, Majid Hussain, Mir Dad, Mohammad Imran and Zulfiqar Jan.

There are two changes in the PCB Supplementary Panel of Match Referees. Former first-class cricketers Athar Laiq and Bilal Khilji have been added as Azizur Rehman and Tanveer Afzal will be retiring during the season.

The match officials in the supplementary panel will be involved in the CA T20 (2-15 September), CA Championship (27 September-23 November) and CA Challenge (10-29 December).

PCB Manager – Umpires and Referees, Bilal Qureshi: “We are pleased to confirm our match officials’ panels for the 2022-23 cricket season, which have been finalised following a robust appraisal and performance analysis process in which the match referees and captains reports from the last season were also considered.

“I want to congratulate umpires Aaley Haider, Imranullah Aslam, Mohammad Asif, Muhammad Sajid Khan Afridi, Tariq Rasheed, and Qaiser Khan, who have earned promotions as well as Athar Laiq and Bilal Khilji, who share 281 first-class matches between them, for breaking into the supplementary panel of match referees.

“Azizur Rehman, Ghaffar Kazmi, Tanveer Afzal and Zameer Haider will be retiring during the season and we will give them proper send-offs, but is appropriate at this stage to thank them for their contributions to the game and their role in enhancing the match officials’ image and profile.

“Officiating is a challenging and thankless job, but our match officials have recently made big progress in decision-making and player-management, which has contributed in improving the overall health and quality of our domestic cricket. In recognition of this and for the first time, we have decided to introduce monthly retainers for the supplementary panel.

“I remain confident that all the match officials will play their integral part in the successful delivery of the 2022-23 domestic cricket and, in the process, will attract more former cricketers to take up this noble profession.”

PCB Elite Panel of Match Referees

Ali Naqvi (Lahore), Iftikhar Ahmed (Karachi), Muhammad Anees (Lahore), Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh (Hyderabad), Nadeem Arshad (Faisalabad) and Prof Muhammad Javed Malik (Multan)

PCB Elite Panel of Umpires

Aaley Haider (Karachi), Ahsan Raza (Lahore), Asif Yaqoob (Islamabad), Faisal Khan Afridi (Sargodha), Ghaffar Kazmi (Lahore), Imran Jawed (Karachi), Muhammad Asif (Lahore), Muhammad Sajid Khan Afridi (Charsadda), Nasir Hussain Snr (Lahore), Rashid Riaz Waqar (Lahore), Saqib Khan (Abbottabad), Shozab Raza (Lahore), Syed Imtiaz Iqbal (Karachi), Tariq Rasheed (Lahore), Waleed Yaqub (Lahore) and Zameer Haider (Lahore)

PCB Supplementary Panel of Match Referees

Ahmer Saeed (Karachi), Aleem Khan Moosa (Karachi), Ali Gohar (Karachi), Athar Laiq (Karachi), Aziz ur Rehman (Lahore), Bilal Moinul Haq Khiljee (Lahore), Kamran Chaudhry (Lahore), Khalid Jamshed (Lahore), Muhammad Aslam (Quetta) and Tanveer Afzal (Faisalabad)

PCB Supplementary Panel of Umpires

Abdul Moqeet (Lahore), Aftab Hussain Gillani (Bahawalpur), Ahmed Shahab (Lahore), Aslam Bareach (Quetta), Farooq Ali Khan (Abbottabad), Ghulam Sarwar (Sibi), Imranullah Aslam (Bahawalpur), Kashif Sohail (Khanewal), Khalid Mehmood Snr (Karachi), Majid Hussain (AJK), Mir Dad (Islamabad), Mohammad Imran (Sargodha), Qaiser Khan (Lahore), Qaiser Waheed (Lahore) and Zulfiqar Jan (Charsadda)

PCB match officials on the ICC International Panel

Ahsan Raza (Lahore), Asif Yaqoob (Islamabad), Faisal Khan Afridi (Sargodha) and Rashid Riaz Waqar (Lahore) (all umpires), Ali Naqvi (Lahore) and Prof Muhammad Javed Malik (Multan) (both match referees)

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