Smartball will introduce in ILT20 First season

Something news, something exciting you can gauge how ball will swing or react. Wasim Akram

ILT20 aims to take its fan engagement into the stratosphere by partnering with ‘Smartball’ for the opening edition of the International League T20. The Smartball will assist ILT20 in providing real-time, in-depth analytics, and serve to enhance player performance much to the delight of cricket-fans across the globe.
Smartball’s cutting-edge technology consists of an ‘IoT’ device in the nucleus of the ball, which acts as the connection between various devices and portals – technology – communication – cloud, tracking various data points such as the speed of the ball, revolutions per minute, distance the ball travels after being struck by a batsperson, detection of the ball connecting with the bat or, in fact, any surface, measuring the change in direction the ball propels through the air or off the pitch, among many other needed and engaging statistics. Through the Bluetooth-driven technology, the data given by the Smartball will be transferred to the tournament’s match analytics provider who will then provide this integral data to the tournament’s commentary, franchise and statistician teams – for the benefit of all.
Speaking about the introduction of the Smartball, Mubashshir Usmani, General Secretary, Emirates Cricket Board said, “With technology growing at a rapid pace, we have a responsibility of not only keeping up with but staying well ahead of the times, commitment to innovation is one of the core values of the ILT20 and this partnership is a testament to this.” “Therefore, we are delighted to introduce Smartball in the first season of the ILT20.”
Inviting two well-respected greats of the game to share their views, Wasim Akram said; “This is something new, something exciting, something useful. As a bowler, you can gauge how the ball will swing or react on a certain pitch, but with this technology you, again as a bowler, can go back after the game and assess the actual data and understand how to start (the next game). As a commentator I’ll be able to see the swing, the pace off the pitch, from the air and how much it spins, that’s something new and will be a lot of help.”
While Dwayne Bravo commented; “The direction cricket is going this (technology) will definitely come in handy. Data is very important, it’s crucial for captains, coaches and the player, (so) the feedback the ball will give you will help prepare you (for the next game) and move you forward in the tournament.” “It’s good, I played with this ball last season and wasn’t aware.

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