All political leaders detained in Occupied Kashmir are in grave danger, says Mashal Malik

By Wasif Ali Khan

ISLAMABAD : Mashal Malik, wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, has said that the lives of all political leaders detained in occupied Kashmir are in grave danger due to the spread of COVID-19 .

She said in a statement that all international human rights organizations should urge India to release him immediately. The Indian government has imposed strict and discriminatory sanctions on Muslim-majority areas in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, transferring innocent Muslims to jail, which deserves less condemnation.

She also that the people of Occupied Kashmir were facing the worst health crisis in history and the occupying Indian forces were using pellet guns to blind people. He added that there was a lack of basic health facilities in the occupied territories, and medical staff, medicines, vaccinations, surgical supplies and health care equipment were desperately needed.

She said that if any untoward incident took place with our Kashmiri leaders in jails, then the Indian government as well as the IOJ administration would be equally responsible and it would be an extrajudicial killing. Malik said that international human rights organizations should take strict action and immediately lift the sanctions imposed on Kashmiris by India.

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