The United Arab Emirates has become the fastest internet service country in the world

By Monitoring Desk

DUBAI : The UAE has become the fastest growing internet country in the world. The technology it has is not available in the United States or Europe.

According to a report in the foreign news agency Urdu News, the corona virus caused millions of people to move away from their offices and workplaces and work from home last year due to the high speed of the internet. Important role

According to the Global Internet Speed ​​List, the average download speed in the UAE is 178.52 Mbps, while globally it is up to 48.40 Mbps.

The index looks at more than 135 countries and compares Internet speeds around the world on a monthly basis. These are data obtained from real users.

The speed of mobile internet has become more important than last year.

This internet rating is related to the first quarter of this year. The UAE is one of the top three Gulf countries. Qatar ranks third, while Saudi Arabia ranks fifth.

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