Saudi Arabia always stood by in difficult times : PM Imran Khan

By Our Correspondent

Jeddah : Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Saudi Arabia is a long standing friend of Pakistan which has always stood by us in difficult times and relations with it have been further strengthened during the recent visit.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the Roshan Digital Account function in Jeddah. He said that Pakistan would have been in crisis if friendly countries had not helped. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates helped in difficult times.

Imran Khan said that news of despair comes in the newspapers but I want to give good news to my nation that now it will be Pakistan which should have been seventy years ago. We are back on the track of Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan. The war of independence from the mafia will take some time, but soon you will have a new Pakistan in front of you.

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He said that Overseas Pakistanis also want their country to be great. This is the defining movement of Pakistan. Our government is fighting for change, no one can stop it now,

He said that social media is the main reason for raising awareness in the country. Information is shared very fast on social media. The PTI came to power because of the youth.

In his address, the Prime Minister said that only a society develops where the rule of law prevails and where there is no justice, the society cannot move forward. The purpose of naming the PTI was justice.

“I am just happy to be here,” he said. It has further strengthened ties with Saudi Arabia. ۔ In addition, I had the opportunity to go inside the Holy Shrine and the Ka’bah. The battery has been recharged, now we will move forward with the idea of ​​a new Pakistan. On the one hand, the mafia that is trying to save the old system, while on the other hand, the people, who want change.

Talking about the economic situation, he said that Pakistan’s construction industry was developing. Banks were not in the habit of giving small loans but now they are being trained on loans. Tenants will now be able to build their own home instead of paying rent. Come out of the difficult time, now there will be prosperity ahead.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan’s economy is improving. Corona affected economies around the world. Unfortunately, there was a lot of destruction from Corona in India. However, thank God we saved Pakistanis and economy during Corona.

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