You can earn money from good messages on Twitter, new feature introduced



The social networking site Twitter can monetize your good messages. For which a new feature ‘Tip Jar’ has been introduced

According to foreign media, Twitter, the place where you keep in touch with people through 280-character sentences, will now be able to help you earn money.

Twitter has introduced a new feature, Tip Jar, which will allow users to add various digital payment accounts to their account bio. With the help of this, Twitter users will be able to give a few dollars to the person whose tweet will make a place in their heart.

Maybe it’s an analysis of the daily news that you provide to your followers or make-up tips that are helpful to others. Or if you see someone in trouble and want to help them, this feature will be helpful.

Twitter announced the feature via a tweet and explained the procedure through an animated photo.

Currently, this feature is not available to everyone, but the company said that it is currently being offered to a limited number of users. However, any user using Twitter in English can send some money to selected accounts. Users will be aware of the availability of this feature through a promotion.

When a user activates Tip Jar, they will be able to connect to their account with various payment platforms such as Cash app, PayPal Venmo and others.

Twitter says it will not cut remittances. Twitter currently has the ability to generate revenue from video content for large companies, but this is the first time that ordinary users will have the opportunity to earn revenue from their content.

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