China Cultural Center in Pakistan launched a series of activities for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Global Cultural Tour

By Abid Siddique Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD : The 24th Winter Olympic Games, also known as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be grandly held from February 4, 2022. Let’s meet in Beijing and together experience the passion and excitement of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

VISION: Joyful rendezvous upon pure ice & snow uniting the passion of hundreds of millions for winter sports.

MISSION: Deliver a fantastic, extraordinary and excellent Beijing 2022 Winter Games, which are green, inclusive, open and clean.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

Xi Jinping pointed out in a phone conversation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach that China is willing to join the IOC and other countries in ensuring safe and smooth hosting of the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics, and contributing to an early victory for the international community over the pandemic, recovery of the world economy, and safeguarding the lives and health of the people of all countries.

At present, the construction of venues and infrastructure for the Beijing Winter Olympics has achieved phased progress. The organization of the Games has been carried out in an orderly manner, the service guarantee for the Games is being conducted in an all-round way, publicity and promotion are warming up, in-depth international exchanges and cooperation are unfolding, and sustainable development and heritage work have seen remarkable progress. China takes the preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to promote the popularization and development of winter sports. The Chinese side, with strong support from various parties, will complete all preparation work as scheduled, so as to ensure the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success. Beijing, the only city in the world that has hosted the Summer and Winter Olympics, will make unique contributions to the international Olympic Movement.

President Thomas Bach reaffirmed that the IOC supports China’s concept of hosting a green, inclusive, open and clean Winter Olympics and stands ready to work with China to ensure a successful, splendid and safe Games, which will not only realize the vision of promoting winter sports among 300 million Chinese people, but also strongly advance the development of international Olympic Movement. The IOC stays committed to upholding the Olympic spirit and opposing the politicization of sports and is ready to continue strengthening long-term strategic cooperation with China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged organisers of the 2022 Winter Olympics to fulfill China’s commitment of hosting a “fantastic, extraordinary and excellent Games” and stresses a “green, inclusive, open and clean Olympic Games.”

GREEN: giving priority to ecological preservation, conserving resources and environmental friendliness in a bid to distinguish the Beijing 2022 Winter Games with Chinese characteristics.

INCLUSIVE: providing opportunities for the public to participate, jointly contribute and share to help the Beijing 2022 Winter Games bring about a productive society.

OPEN: opening up to the world, future and modernisation in an effort to make the Beijing 2022 Winter Games drive China’s opening up.

CLEAN: hosting an economical, clean and efficient Games with the aim to ensure the Beijing 2022 Winter Games is as pure as ice and snow.

Opening on 4 February 2022, the Games will feature 7 sports, 15 disciplines and 109 events. The disciplines include Short Track Speed Skating, Speed Skating, Figure Skat – ing, Ice Hockey, Curling, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Luge, Biathlon, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Freestyle Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowboard.

The Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will comprise of 6 sports, including Para Biathlon, Wheelchair Curling, Para Ice Hockey, Para Alpine Skiing, Para Cross-Country Skiing and Para Snowboard.

The Beijing Zone, with a total of 28 competition and non-competition venues (17 existing, 6 newly-built, 3 temporary and 2 other pending venues), will host the opening and closing ceremonies and 37 events across 7 disciplines (Curling, Ice Hockey, Short Track Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing) of 4 winter sports (Curling, Ice Hockey, Skating and Skiing) during the Olympic Winter Games.

The Yanqing Zone, located 74 kilometres northwest of Central Beijing, and with a total of 5 competition and non-competition venues, will host 21 events across 4 disciplines (Alpine Skiing, Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge) of 3 sports (Alpine Skiing, Bobsleigh and Luge) during the Olympic Winter Games.

Zhangjiakou City is located in the northwest of Hebei Province and about 180 kilometres away from Beijing. The Zhangjiakou Zone, with a total of 10 competition and non-competition venues, will host 51 events across 6 disciplines (Snowboard, Freestyle Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined and Biathlon) of Skiing and Biathlon during the Olympic Winter Games.

Beijing 2022 Mascot for the Olympic Winter Games

Bing Dwen Dwen

Cheerful Panda as Olympic Mascot

The jovial panda mascot is an ambassador for winter sports. Bing (冰) is the Chinese character for ice, while Dwen Dwen (墩墩) is a common nickname in China for children that implies healthiness, cuteness, and ingenuousness – characteristics also shared with pandas.

Clothed in a full body suit of ice, a symbol of purity and strength, Bing Dwen Dwen wants to emulate the physical and mental power of Olympians, and to help spread the enduring Olympic spirit. The heart shape in its left palm represents the host country’s hospitality, and the mascot is expected to connect and bring joy to people participating and watching the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 from all over the world.

The coloured halo surrounding its face is suggestive of ice and snow tracks, as well as the flowing “ribbons” on the exterior of the National Speed Skating Oval, one of two new competition venues in the Beijing zone that is expected to become a landmark of the Games.

The dynamic lines of the halo also embody the increased connectivity in the era of 5G communications. Resembling an astronaut, Bing Dwen Dwen stands for Beijing 2022’s embrace of new technologies that will bring about a future with infinite possibilities.

Beijing 2022 Mascot for the Paralympic Winter Games

Shuey Rhon Rhon

Glowing Lantern as Paralympic Mascot

Shuey Rhon Rhon (雪容融) is a Chinese lantern child ready to welcome friends from around the world for a big party. Exuding positivity, the glow emanating from its heart symbolises the inspiring warmth, friendship, courage, and perseverance of Para athletes that light up the dreams of millions every day.

The Chinese lantern is a millennia-old cultural symbol associated with harvest, celebration, prosperity, and brightness. Red is the most auspicious and festive colour in the country, and is all the more fitting given that the Games will coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations in February and March 2022.

The overall design on Shuey Rhon Rhon draws from traditional Chinese papercut art and Ruyi ornaments, and features doves, Beijing’s iconic Temple of Heaven, and snow to symbolise peace, friendship, and good fortune.

Shuey has the same pronunciation as 雪, the Chinese character for snow. The first Rhon (容) in the mascot’s Chinese name means “to include, to tolerate”, while the second Rhon (融) means “to melt, to fuse” and “warm”. The name expresses the hope that there would be more inclusion for people with impairments, and more dialogue and understanding between cultures of the world.

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