Japanese citizens oppose holding of Olympics

By Web Desk

TOKYO : A large number of Japanese citizens have strongly opposed the holding of the Olympics due to the global corona virus.

According to a foreign news agency, a survey was conducted across Japan to find out the public reaction in which about 80% of the citizens said that they do not want this big sporting event to be held in our country in this situation.

Keep in mind that the eyes of the world are now on Japan, where the Olympics are just a few weeks away.

It is believed that the fourth phase of the corona virus is currently underway in Japan. The government has announced an emergency extension to stem the spread of the global epidemic.

There are reports that the sudden increase in Corona cases has increased the pressure on Japan’s public health system. Medical experts warn that there could be a potential shortage of facilities.

When asked about public opinion about the Tokyo Olympics, 43% of Japanese said it should be canceled immediately, while 40% said it was better to postpone it for now.

In an earlier poll, 35% of Japanese people said the Olympics should be canceled, while 34% said the Olympics should be postp oned further.

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