Gold is once again expensive, reaching Rs 107,650 per tola

By Web Desk

KARACHI : Across the country, gold prices have risen again. Today, the price of gold per towel has reached Rs 107,650 with an increase of Rs 400.



According to the data released by the Sarafa Association, the price of 10 grams of gold increased by Rs 342, after which the gold was sold at Rs 92,292.


On the other hand, the international barter market continued to decline. Gold fell by 185 1,854 per tola, while silver remained unchanged.


It may be recalled that the price of gold per towel had gone up by Rs 800 yesterday.


In addition, the value of gold per ounce in the international market increased by 17 US dollars to 1866 US currency.


After the increase in prices in the international market, gold was sold at Rs. 17250 per tola in the domestic barter markets.


Similarly, the price of 10 grams of gold per tola was recorded at Rs 91,950 after an increa se of Rs 686.

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