Chief Minister Usman Bazdar made government employees happy, what percentage will get special allowance? Announced

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE : Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, while giving good news to the government employees, has approved an increase in their salaries, after which they will now get 25% special allowance.


According to details, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has rejected the proposal of 10 to 15 percent special allowance and directed to give 25 percent special allowance to government employees. More than 721,000 provincial employees from grades one to 19 will be given special allowances, excluding employees who have already received special and executive allowances. Following the directive of the Chief Minister, the special allowance will now be included in the salaries from June.

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A special committee was convened under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister to close the gap in the salaries of government employees. Usman Bazdar said that government employees are our hands and arms, they are aware of their problems, the budget will also be good news for the provincial employees.

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