Chief Minister Usman Bazdar announces to remove unnecessary amendments in Sugar Factories Control Act

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LAHORE : Khalid Khokhar, Central President, Pakistan Kisan Ittehad called on Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar at the Chief Minister’s Office and discussed amendments to the Sugar Factories Control Act and measures for the welfare of farmers, especially sugarcane growers. Announcing the removal of unnecessary amendments in the Sugar Factories Control Act, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar assured to make the Sugar Factories Control Act farmer friendly. Khalid Khokhar thanked Chief Minister Usman Bazdar for assuring him of elimination of unnecessary amendments in the Sugar Factories Control Act and for timely steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Bazdar for the welfare of farmers and protection of sugarcane growers’ rights. Thank you.


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Talking on the occasion, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said that by the grace of God Almighty and due to the hard work of the farmers, the production of other crops including wheat has increased immensely this year. Compensation has been received while in the past sugarcane growers have been protesting on the streets but they have not received compensation for their labor. The government has given back the right to the farmer. For the first time in decades, our government has provided legal protection to the exploited sugarcane farmers.



He said that the sugarcane growers got full compensation for their labor, the arrears of Rs. 26 billion of the past should also be recovered from the sugar mills, next season also the sugarcane growers will be given full fruits of their labor. He said that the rights of farmers have been protected before and will continue to be protected. Farmers are my brothers, protection of their rights is my responsibility, we will not allow the rights of sugarcane farmers to be violated, protection of farmers’ rights. We will provide more facilities to the farmers to increase their production.


The Punjab Chief Minister said that 2021 would be the year of increase in agricultural production, he would continue to be in touch with you and would formulate policies for the development of agriculture in consultation with you. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar directed to prepare a comprehensive working paper to solve the problems of the farmers and directed to take steps for the preparation of anti-measles vaccine locally. Ad hoc recruitment was decided in principle to meet the shortfall. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar while ordering to ensure timely completion of Bhal Sanitation said that the spirit and role of farmers in making Punjab the food basket of Pakistan is commendable. We are assisting the farmers by providing subsidy for the purchase of modern agricultural machinery.


Provincial Minister for Agriculture Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi, Provincial Minister for Endowments Syed Saeed Al Hassan Shah, Provincial Minister for Energy Dr Akhtar Malik, Advisor Hanif Potafi, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Secretary Agriculture, Secretary Food and concerned officials were also present on the  occasion.

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