Video of Mahira Khan dancing on the road goes viral on social media

By Showbiz Desk

LAHORE : The video of Pakistan’s famous actress Mahira Khan dancing in the street has gone viral on social media.


According to the details, Mahira Khan gave an exclusive interview to YouTuber Sara Ajmal in which she stopped the car on the road at the end of the program and danced to the song which was also watched by the passers-by. Accompanied by Mahira Khan, she slammed “Ak Pul” in a very beautiful way, the video of which is being appreciated on social media.

It may be recalled that the romantic film ‘Beyond Hit Lo’ directed by Asim Raza was released in 2019. The main characters of the film are Maya Ali and actor Shehryar Munawar in which Mahira Khan is also a guest through the song ‘Mora Sian’. She appeared as an actr ess.

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