Foreign Minister speaks with Senator Van Hollen

By Abid Siddique Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD : Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke with Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen.


Foreign Minister Qureshi said that Pakistan attached great importance to its longstanding partnership with the United States. Highlighting the government’s emphasis on economic development and connectivity, the Foreign Minister underscored Pakistan’s desire for closer trade and investment ties with the United States.


The Foreign Minister briefed Senator Van Hollen on Pakistan’s efforts for facilitating a peaceful political settlement in Afghanistan. He thanked the Senator for introducing the Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) legislation and emphasized that the initiative would promote long-term peace and stability in the region.


Senator Van Hollen appreciated Pakistan’s support for the Afghan peace process, and underscored the criticality of enhanced economic engagement between Pakistan and the United States to promote peace and stability in the region.


The Foreign Minister and Senator Van Hollen also discussed the need to further enhance inter-parliamentary linkages as well as bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and the United States on a range of issues, including climate change.

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