Weekly 2-day lockdown in view of Corona epidemic in Faisalabad

By Our Correspondent

FAISALABAD : A two-day weekly lockdown is underway in Faisalabad in view of the Corona epidemic. Corona positive cases in the city are being reduced, but fruit, vegetable and grocery stores remain open.


Corona virus cases have dropped, but the rate is still more than 10 percent, with the industrial city undergoing a two-day weekly lockdown, with all business centers in the city and its eight bazaars, including textile markets, closed.

All business centers, shopping malls, restaurants in eight bazaars, Anar Kali Bazaar, Satiana Road, Dhadiwala, Jaranwala Road, Ghulam Muhammadabad, Samanabad are closed on Friday and Saturday. Shops are open, citizens are implementing lockdown.


While masks must be used to control the corona epidemic, SOPs are being implemented along with lockdowns.

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