Asad Umar’s big statement about Jahangir Tareen

By Web Desk

SAKKAR : Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar has said that if Jahangir Tareen did not do illegal work, he will become a servant. He said that Mian Sahib is sitting abroad, God willing, something will happen to him, he should come to Pakistan, the government Will be well cared for and kept in a safe place, prison is the safest place in Pakistan.


Talking to media in Sukkur, he said that the requirements of justice should be met for all, the basis of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s politics is justice, the requirements of law will be met. He said that his movement has come to an end and there is less political turmoil at the moment.


There is no danger anywhere. The situation is all right. He said that we do not know if Nawaz Sharif is in danger because he is in London. They are sitting. If there is any danger to them, I suggest them to come to Pakistan immediately.

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