The MQM postponed the rally against the Sindh government till the end of the lockdown

By Our Correspondent

KARACHI : Aamir Khan, senior deputy convener of MQM Pakistan, said that the May 27 rally against the Sindh government has been postponed till the end of the MQM lockdown.


Addressing a press conference in Bahadurabad, United Leader Aamir Khan said that the rally was postponed due to Corona cases and lockdown. After the lockdown, there will be a protest against the biased policies of the Sindh government.


He said that Sindh government is supportive of Sindh, the transport system has been ruined in 13 years. There is severe water shortage in urban areas of Sindh, especially in Karachi.


He said that the people of Karachi were not properly counted in the census which was strongly protested by the MQM. The United Leader said that the rights of the youth of Karachi were snatched away by giving jobs on fake domiciles.


Aamir Khan said that the matter of another ministry in the federal cabinet is not even under discussion in the MQM Coordination Committee and he is not interested in it nor in the ministry .

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