The biggest problem of the youth is employment, Prime Minister

By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the biggest problem of the youth is employment.


Addressing the youth, PM Imran Khan said that the government would provide loans to the youth. Allocated funds of Rs. 100 billion. One hundred and seventy thousand scholarships will be given for skills education. 50,000 scholarships will be for higher technologies.


Meanwhile, Usman Dar in his address to the function said that he congratulated the students who took the certificates and loans. We are paying for the business under the Successful Youth Program. Giving technical skills, he will also provide employment. The Tiger Force is one of them. He said that the presence of girls in industrial automation is welcome. Two million young people enter the job market every year. The work that the Prime Minister did for the first time was to create a task force for the youth.


Usman Dar said that 37,000 youths have passed and the rest are still in the institute. Some people are still in the queue. The Prime Minister has always called the youth a valuable asset. The government needs a conducive environment. It is our responsibility to empower you.

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