Senate passes resolution condemning Israeli aggression in Palestine

By Wasif Ali Khan

ISLAMABAD : The Senate on Tuesday passed a unanimous resolution condemning crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli occupying forces in Gaza.


The resolution presented by the Leader of the House, Dr. Shehzad Waseem, also expressed outrage over the hypocrisy and double standards of different countries.


“We reject any attempt to equate the invading Israel with the aggrieved Palestinian people because it is not a conflict but a unilateral war,” he said.


The Senate welcomed the government’s move to provide humanitarian assistance to the beleagured people of Gaza. The House also called on the international community to take immediate, effective and concrete steps to save the Palestinian people from further trouble at the hands of the fascist Israeli war machine.


These include lifting the blockade of Gaza, sending humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, urging an end to Israeli aggression, sending independent observer teams to Gaza, assisting in the reconstruction of Gaza and war crimes against it. This includes starting trials.


The House made it clear that Palestine faces nothing less than genocide, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Israel is a colorful state and guilty of war crimes and colonialism. With the complete withdrawal of Israel from all occupied Arab territories, including Jerusalem, and the establishment of an independent homeland for the Palestinians as the capital of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, a two state solution is  acceptable.

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