PAF pays tribute to 1965 War Hero Squadron Leader Sarfraz Ahmed Rafiqui

Pakistan Air Force has released a promo to pay tribute to the 1965 War Hero Shaheed Squadron Leader Sarfraz Ahmed Rafiqui for his unmatched valour and courage unleashed against enemy during 1965 war.

Squadron Leader Sarfraz Ahmed Rafiqui, along with his fellow pilots shot down three of the four intruder aircraft of Indian Air Force, flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet on the eve of 1st September, 1965 at Chamb Sector.

While defending Lahore on 6th September, 1965, Sarfraz Ahmad Rafiqui Shaheed led a formation of four PAF fighter jets.

After shooting down an Indian plane, the machine gun of his plane got jammed.

Instead of fleeing from the battlefield, he ordered his comrades to continue the attack and despite being defenceless, embraced martyrdom while protecting the formation from the rear.

In recognition of his outstanding performance and courage, he was conferred with prestigious ‘Hilal-i-Juraat’ and ‘Sitara-i-Jurrat’ awards by the Government of Pakistan.

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