The sun will be directly above the Kaaba today

By Web Desk

RIYADH : The sun will be directly above the Kaaba today. The qiblah can be accurately determined all over the world


According to the Jeddah Astronomical Association, the sun will be visible above the Kaaba at 12:18 pm Saudi time. At that time, it will be two o’clock and eighteen minutes in Pakistan.


According to the Saudi Astronomical Society, the Sun appears above the Kaaba because the Kaaba is located between the equator and the orbit of Cancer.


During the orbit, the sun moves from the equator to the orbit of Cancer in the month of May, and as it rotates, it reaches the top of the Ka’bah. It is now at an angle of about ninety, and at that moment the shadow of the Ka’bah disappears.


People from Arab countries, Africa, Europe, China, Russia and East Asia, which are neighbors of the North Pole, can determine the direction of the Qibla by looking at the sun above the Kaaba.

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