Opponents are also surprised at the 4% growth rate, Prime Minister

By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD : PM Imran Khan says opponents are also surprised at the 4% growth rate.


Addressing a function of Rashkai Priority Economic Zone, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan would have gone bankrupt if friendly countries had not helped. When the government had a current account deficit of 20 20 billion. The country is in the right place at the moment. Pakistan’s future is in industrialization.


The Prime Minister said that Rashkai Economic Zone comes under C-Pack. Let me give a warning to the Chief Minister for Rashkai Economic Zone. Don’t sell land at all, lease it out. Lease for less money. I want people who really want to set up an industry to come here.


He said that Pakistan needs industry for export the most. We will sell things to the world, otherwise wealth will not increase. The Rashkai Economic Zone is a great opportunity for us. Export industry should be given priority here. The more facilities you create, the more investors will come.

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