PPP rejects Pakistan Media Development Authority Ordinance 2021

By Wasif Ali Khan

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Peoples Party has rejected Pakistan Media Development Authority Ordinance 2021. PPP Vice President and Senator Sherry Rehman has said that media martial law is reprehensible and will strongly oppose it.


According to details, Senator Sherry Rehman, referring to the Pakistan Media Development Authority Ordinance 2021, said that the government was trying to put pressure on the media through the ordinance. International organizations have also expressed concern over censorship in the country.


He said that in the Press Freedom Index, Pakistan has come down from 139 to 145 in two years. According to Freedom Network Pakistan, there were 148 attacks on journalists in one year. According to the report, Pakistan is the 5th most dangerous country in the world for journalists.


“Islamabad is witnessing the highest number of attacks on journalists. The ban on media is reprehensible and we will strongly oppose it,” he added.

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