Actress Hira Mani dancing with her brothers, video gone viral

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LAHORE : Leading Pakistani actress Hira Mani’s video went viral while dancing with her brothers.


According to details, Hira Mani shared a video on Instagram while dancing to a Bollywood song with her brothers, in which the actress can be seen dancing with Rehman Obaid and Hassan Jamal. The actress captioned her post. He wrote that after a long time he remembered the time before the wedding when the three of us used to dance in front of the mirror.


The actress wrote that no matter how old we get, of course we have children, but whenever we are siblings together, it is as if we have become younger again. Hira said in her post, “What a wonderful time I had. Love, I will never forget my past in my future.



Earlier, Hira Mani shared a photo of her twin brother with fans, revealing that she was a twin.

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