China Cultural Center in Pakistan will launch a series of online activities to celebrate “2021 China Tourism and Culture Week” in mid-June

By Abid Siddique Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD : The theme of the event is to promote the image of “Beautiful China”, and tell the story of China by focusing on three major sections, which are “Beautiful Countryside and Intangible Heritage Protection”, “Ice and Snow Tourism” and “Food Culture”. It also aims to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics, and showcases the charm of Chinese Culture and Tourism. So join us online to appreciate and experience China’s magnificent natural scenery, colorful cultural deposits, rapid urban and rural development, and the beautiful visualization of people living and working in peace and contentment.

In the following weeks, China Cultural Center in Pakistan will be sharing a variety of interesting virtual and online activities through short videos, H5 mini-programs, trailers and posters covering performance, culture, cultural heritage, cuisine, beautiful landscapes and more.

Focusing on key projects of “Belt and Road” international cooperation in cultural and tourism industries, 6 distinctive tourism performing arts projects are selected and reproduced into short videos. With the assistance of a H5 publicity program for mass communication, the broadcasting of the videos will mainly use the official website of cultural and tourist institutions abroad, and the local social media platforms designated for overseas promotion of these products during China Tourism and Culture weeks around the world.

Arts, Culture and Nature includes the best of art shows for tourism of China. Some major cultural activities and project and activities of 2021 China Tourism and Culture Week include Creativeness of Craftsmanship, Yunnan Pottery, Beautiful China and The food-themed micro documentary A Taste of China.

Creativeness of Craftsmanship: The Beautiful Countryside by Design is a project curated and executed by Beijing Saisi Boyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. (directly affiliated with the Center of International Cultural Exchange) and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Based on the research on rural cultural resources by fine arts academies from the perspective of creative design in recent years, the project aims at reinventing rural craftsmanship and catalyzing rural development. By discovering the pathway to rural revitalization, the project reveals the idyllic beauty of the countryside, unveiling the “sweep changes” of China’s rural landscape in the new development stage.

Yunnan Pottery: Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Microclass. Yunnan province, located in the southwest of China, has a picturesque landscape and a long history of pottery making. It has a number of pottery-making skills, which belong to national intangible cultural heritage.

Jianshui Purple-Pottery found along the Red River, Nixi Black-Pottery of Shangri-La, Dai nationality Slow-wheel Pottery of Xishuangbanna, Blue and white pottery of Yuxi, Jinsha Pottery in old town of Lijiang…The rich natural resources and the colorful multi-ethnic culture are well-integrated to created splendid traditional handicrafts, which have been inherited for thousands of years and continue to shine.

Clay is the gift of nature, condenses people’s respect and reverence for nature of all ages. When it gradually takes shape in the hands of craftsmen, the clay seems to take on human nature with the magic of art.

Beautiful China – Ice and Snow Tour Series of Short Video Shows focuses on the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter tourism resources in northern China. This video series also introduces Chongli’s Taizicheng Town, one of the venues for the Winter Olympics, and the natural winter landscapes, folk customs and winter sports in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Xinjiang, Shandong and Inner Mongolia. The series allows friends from across the world to enjoy China’s myriad winter tourism attractions and unique winter culture online.

The food-themed micro documentary A Taste of China is a journey of Xinjiang Cuisine. There are five episodes in first series, these episode cover five representative cities (Urumqi, Turpan, Altay, Ili and Kashgar) from different regions of Xinjiang, China. A variety of border-less narrative techniques combining food, humanities and tourism are employed.


Audience is expected to take a special journey to enjoy delicious food, unique customs, natural scenery, as well as the real life and timeless aesthetic connotation in different regions and cities of Xinjiang. It will encourage a profound emotional resonance with the audience.

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