Punjab presents a budget of Rs 2,653 billion for the financial year 2021-22

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LAHORE : Punjab’s budget for the financial year 2021-22 of Rs 2,653 billion was presented. Opposition members chanted slogans and rioted.


Development work and a new health system


Finance Minister Hashim Javan Bakht while addressing the budget said that Rs. 560 billion has been allocated for development works and Rs. 370 billion for health in the provincial budget. Hashim Javanbakht said that a new health system will be introduced in the province and seven new universities will be set up.


10% increase in salaries of government employees


He said that salaries of government employees are being increased by 10%, salaries of employees from grade one to grade 19 are being increased by 25% in special allowance.


Ongoing projects, new projects


An amount of Rs 1.58 billion is being allocated for ongoing projects and more than Rs 3.42 billion for new projects.


Domestic poultry farmer


Under the Prime Minister’s Agricultural Prosperity Plan, the Punjab government is proposing to set aside Rs 110 million this year for the promotion of domestic poultry farming in the province.


Upgradation of veterinary hospitals and laboratories


Regarding animal health, a plan is being launched to upgrade veterinary hospitals and laboratories at the divisional level, for which more than Rs 100 million is proposed to be allocated.


Sludge machine subsidy


With regard to animal development, a plan is also being brought to provide silage machine to the farmers at 50% subsidy, for which it is proposed to set aside more than Rs. 32 crore.


Tree Planting Promotion, Ten Billion Tsunami Program


A total of Rs. 4 billion is proposed for the promotion of tree planting, and more than Rs. 2.56 billion is proposed for the Prime Minister’s Ten Billion Tsunami Program.


Wildlife Conservation, Fisheries Department


An amount of Rs. 1 billion has been allocated for the protection of wildlife for the next financial year. It is proposed to allocate about Rs. 1 billion for fisheries department.


Punjab Ehsas Program


The Punjab government is working to bring Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of an Islamic welfare state to fruition. Punjab Ehsas Program is being implemented under PSPA to provide financial assistance to the poor and needy. This year, the scope of Punjab Human Capital Project is being extended to 7 districts of South Punjab.


Sustaining widows and orphans


A sponsorship program at a cost of Rs. 1 billion for the welfare of widows and orphans while an equality program at a cost of Rs. 5 crore for the social betterment of eunuchs is being started.


Mobile wallet and code tax


It is also proposed to increase the tax rate on mobile wallet and code payments to 5% for the next financial year.


Property tax


Under the Excise and Taxation Department, property tax will also be paid in two installments in the next financial year. It is proposed to limit the surcharge penalty on property tax and motor vehicle tax to only the last two quarters of the next financial year.


Environmental pollution


In order to control environmental pollution, the registration fee and token fee for electric vehicles will be reduced by 50% and 75% to encourage the purchase and sale of electric vehicles.


Department of Industry


The industry department is increasing the development budget of the next financial year four times, the budget of this sector is being increased from Rs 3 billion to Rs 12 billion.


Industrial Zones


Funds of Rs. 3.5 billion are being provided for ongoing projects in industrial zones. The establishment of a small industrial estate in Gujarat at a cost of Rs. 1.30 billion for the development of the SME sector is also among our development initiatives.


Surgical City Sialkot


Sialkot Surgical City project at a cost of Rs 1.70 billion is being launched. With the cooperation of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a Sialkot Tennis Zone is being set up at a cost of Rs. 50 crore for which Rs. 35 crore is being allocated.


Punjab Employment Program


In the next budget, loans are also being provided on easy terms under the Punjab Employment Program at a total cost of Rs. 10 billion.


Convenience Market Authority


An authority will be set up for the permanent establishment of convenience bazaars, model bazaars will be set up in all major cities of Punjab for which a hefty sum of Rs 1.5 billion has been allocated.


Workforce, Improving Workforce Program


In the next financial year, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, a workforce preparation program is being introduced, under which 40,000 students will be given vocational training. Funds of Rs. 17 billion will be provided for the Improving Workforce Program.


Green Technologies


An Environment Endowment Fund has been set up at a cost of Rs. 5 billion to promote green technologies which will fulfill the dream of a green Pakistan.


Department of Agriculture


In the next financial year, the development budget of the Agriculture Department is proposed to be increased from Rs. 7.75 billion to Rs. 31.50 billion with a historic increase of 306%.


Issuance of farmer card, agricultural subsidies


A comprehensive Agriculture Transformation Plan worth over Rs 100 billion has been included in the next financial year to modernize the agriculture sector. Under the program, a farmer card has been issued through which Rs. 4 billion has been allocated for agricultural subsidies for the next financial year.


Form mechanization


A Rs 28 billion project is being proposed to promote innovation in farm mechanization. In the next financial year, it is proposed to set up 4 Centers of Excellence for research on wheat, rice, maize and sugarcane at a cost of Rs. 10 billion.


Agriculture Extension


The total cost of the three-year major project to utilize the services of the private sector in agriculture extension is Rs. 18.5 billion for which Rs. 1 billion is proposed to be allocated in the next financial year.


Watercourses on Improvement


Rs 5 billion has been earmarked for watercourses on the National Improvement Program. Subsidies on purchase of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides, crop insurance, provision of loans on easy terms have been increased from Rs. 5 billion 82 crore to Rs. 7 billion to reduce the cost of farmer’s prosperity and crop production. Rs 60 crore is being spent.


Canal system


Our government is allocating a total of Rs. 55 billion for the next financial year for the improvement and innovation of canal system. While the development budget is proposed to be increased by 82% to Rs 31 billion.


Irrigation Department


It is proposed to provide Rs. 9 billion in the budget of M&R of Irrigation Department. Which is 37% more than the current financial year and this initiative will speed up and improve the process of construction and repair of canals.


Livestock and Dairy Development


It is proposed to allocate a total of Rs. 5 billion for livestock and dairy development.

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