German Embassy Officials Visited Families Affected by Mob Violence Incident in Jaranwala

By: Rana Tariq

Islamabad: In a solemn demonstration of solidarity, representatives from the German Embassy in Islamabad undertook a visit to Jaranwala today to express support for the Christian community, which faced a distressing incident of mob violence last month. Head of Communications and Cultural Affairs Dorota Berezicki and Human Rights Counsellor Julia Klein met with affected families and bore witness to the aftermath of the gruesome mob violence which had resulted in the looting and destruction of places of worship and residences belonging to the Christian community in Jaranwala.

During this visit, Bishop Indiras Rehmat, local church officials and representatives from the Caritas Office in Faisalabad briefed the embassy delegation providing insights into the ground-level situation and the challenges faced by community as they try to rebuild their lives.

In a gesture aimed at providing immediate assistance to the afflicted families, the German Embassy distributed emergency aid packages donated by the embassy’s local and German staff. The donations include essential food items, bedding, clothing, and sanitary supplies.

Germany upholds its steadfast commitment to the principles of peace, tolerance, and interfaith harmony. It is a solemn belief that no family should ever experience insecurity within their homes due to their faith.

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