Pakistani mountaineer Samina Baig set out to climb K2 hill for the second time

By Sports Desk

SKARDU : World-renowned Pakistani female climber Samina Baig set out to climb K2 for the second time. Arrived in Skardu for adventure, 6 member team will leave for K2 base camp tomorrow.


Samina Baig, the daughter of the mountains, is determined to climb the world’s second highest and most dangerous peak, K2, for the second time.


Mount Everest winner Samina Baig told the media that the purpose of K2’s adventure is to highlight the soft image of Pakistan. All the members of this expedition team are locals who have a lot of experience in mountaineering.


“Unfortunately, Pakistani mountaineers do not get sponsorship at the government level. I contacted several organizations but failed. For this adventure, I have been sponsored by the communication company Special Communication Organization,” she said.


Samina Baig is also the first Muslim woman to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, and has the honor of hoisting the green crescent flag on seven well-known peaks named after the Seven Summits. Her brother Mirza Ali Baig has played a key role in her success. Earlier, Samina Baig along with her brother had tried the K2 adventure in 2015 but due to injury the adventure was not successful.

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