The federal government reduced our development budget, Murad Ali Shah

By Our Correspondent

KARACHI : Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that the federal government has reduced our development budget. 760 billion was promised but 613 was given.


Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah while addressing a post-budget press conference said that it does not seem that the remaining Rs 147 billion will be received. The volume of our budget is 14.77 trillion. The biggest resource is the Sindh Revenue Board.


Referring to the development targets and this year’s financial position, Murad Ali Shah said that there has been a storm of inflation for the last three years. We raised the minimum wage to 25,000. The federation and other provinces are requested to do the same.


Replying to questions, the Sindh Chief Minister said that there are one thousand schemes worth Rs 110 billion for Karachi. If we didn’t work, who built the Highways Flyovers Hospital?


Chief Minister Sindh said that I use the resources properly so I can sleep peacefully. There is no one more patriotic and Sindh friendly than PPP.

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