Three Chinese astronauts leave for space station

By Web Desk

BEIJING : The mission left for the space station to realize China’s ‘space dream’.


The departure of the three astronauts to the Chinese space station on Thursday is an important step in fulfilling the country’s space ambitions.


The world’s second-largest economy has spent billions on its military-run space program, hoping to build a space station with permanent staff and send humans to the moon by 2022.


China has come a long way in competing with the United States and Russia. It should be noted that Russian and American astronauts have decades of experience in space.


When the Soviet Union launched Saptank into space in 1957, the Chinese leader announced that China would also build satellites.


It took a decade, but in 1970 China launched its first satellite into space.


Since then, it has taken decades for China to send a human flight into space. In 2003, Young Levi was the first Chinese man to go into space.


Led by President Xi Jinping, China’s ‘space dream’ plans have gained momentum.


In addition to the space station, China wants to build a base on the moon, and the country’s National Space Administration says it is preparing to send a manned mission to the moon by 2029.

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