WMFP condemns harassment of Spanish journalist

The Women Media Forum, Pakistan (WMFP) strongly condemns the harassment faced by Spanish journalist Isa Balado while reporting in Madrid. Isa was on-air reporting a robbery when a male passerby appeared to touch her rear and proceeded to ask her which channel she worked for. She did not react to the harassment but proceeded to calmly catch his face on camera.
WMFP commends the way Isa dealt with the harassment, commenting on her courage in confronting this person immediately not only sending him a message that he had not intimidated her and that it was not alright to do this. She dealt with the situation with professionalism and courage.
Isa is among the numerous women journalists who face harassment in their workplace every day across the world. Pakistani women journalists are no different. WMFP stands by Isa and other women journalists raising their voices against harassment in the workplace.
There are numerous laws against harassment in many countries including Pakistan but they are ineffective until women raise a voice against harassment and use their legal right to punish the harassers.
Now that more and more working women are speaking up for a safer workplace and demanding for an end to harassment, things will begin to change. The process maybe slow but at least is has begun.

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