Bad weather, Pakistani plane flying over Indian borders for safety of passengers

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE : The National Airline (PIA) plane flew over Indian territory on Friday for the safety of passengers during inclement weather, for which permission was sought from the Indian authorities.

According to sources, the captain of the PIA plane diverted the plane to India with the clearance of the concerned authorities. Flight PK306 from Karachi to Lahore was spotted in Indian territory on Friday.


The flight passed through Indian territory under the rules to avoid stormy weather. After informing the flight captain, clearance was obtained from Lahore and Delhi Air Traffic Control.


There was also an alpha control and air defense clearance based on the existing hotline between the two countries. In bad weather or in an emergency, the flight can be diverted to any country under international law.


A statement issued by the PIA on the issue said that in an emergency, the member states of the International Aviation Organization must abide by the agreements.

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