We will not compromise on national dignity, sovereignty and integrity: PM Imran Khan

By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD : Sending a message to the United States, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the country’s dignity, sovereignty and integrity will not be compromised, will be part of the peace process but not of conflict.


Addressing the budget session of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that they want peace in Afghanistan, the Afghan people are with whomever they choose, Pakistan should not be blamed for the failure in Afghanistan.


He said that electronic voting machine is the way to stop election rigging and the result will come by pressing the button as soon as the election is over. If the opposition has any other suggestion to stop the rigging, bring it forward. Electoral reforms have been in place for a year. There was no discussion by the opposition. It is time to contest elections but no one should worry that they will be defeated by rigging. He said that irregularities come to the fore when the polling ends and the results are declared. The only solution is an electronic voting machine. If the opposition has any other proposal, they are ready to listen, but every election in which they will not reform, they will continue to cry.


The Prime Minister said that all elections in Pakistan since 1970 have been controversial. We have made electoral reforms. The opposition should take part in the discussion on these electoral reforms. For the first time in cricket history, a neutral umpire was raised by Pakistan. Everyone agrees that there is technology in cricket today. I request that we also contest the elections and no one should worry that the elections were rigged.


Prime Minister Imran Khan said that when our government came, there was a severe current account deficit. That was the largest current account deficit in the history of Pakistan. At that time our currency was in danger because of the shortage of dollars. When we came we were all new, the team was new, there was no experience. I pay tribute to my team for taking such a difficult step. Congratulations to Shaukat Tareen, budget according to my vision. He said that the state of Madinah was the first welfare state in the world. It is very important for Pakistan to return to the vision of its founders. Pakistan was built according to thisĀ  vision.

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