Foreign airline mistreats Pakistanis, thousands of Pakistanis stranded abroad

By Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD : The mistreatment of Pakistanis by foreign airlines has left thousands of Pakistanis stranded abroad. The PIA administration has hinted at increasing flights from Qatar and Dubai to various cities in Pakistan.


Thousands of Pakistanis rallied over the ill-treatment of foreign airlines, and thousands of Pakistanis remained stranded in Qatar, Dubai and Turkey despite paying high prices for tickets. Foreign airlines sell flights to earn revenue without seeking permission and later cancel.


Gulf airlines, especially Qatari and Turkish airlines, canceled flights, blaming Pakistanis for the third wave of corona. 36,000 Pakistanis are waiting to come to Pakistan despite having tickets in Doha alone, while another 12,000 Pakistanis in Turkey are also eager to return home.


The Government of Pakistan has started issuing instructions to the PIA to repatriate the stranded citizens. On the other hand, the PIA administration has also hinted at increasing flights from Doha and Dubai to various cities in Pakistan and setting up larger ships.

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