Amendments to non-filer and filer tax laws

By Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD : Non-filer and filer tax laws have been amended.


Under the new powers given to the government, under the amendment in the tax laws, non-filers will be arrested immediately for tax evasion of Rs 25 million and filers for Rs 100 million. According to the document, this authority will be vested in a committee comprising the Finance Minister, FBR Chairman and the most senior member.


Under the document, the arrest will be made with the written permission of the committee. Post-arrest proceedings will be instituted under the Sales Tax Act.


Both tax evasion reports and arrests will be subject to the same act. Allegations of tax evasion must prove that the crime was intentional. Merely failing to document a tax will not result in an arrest. No further arrest warrant will be required after a notice is issued under tax evasion laws.

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