PM hints at talks with angry Balochistan nationalists

By Shakeel Ahmed

GAWADAR : Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted at talks with angry nationalists in Balochistan. They say that in the past not only the federation but also the politicians here have not done justice to Balochistan.


Expressing concern over the lack of peace in Afghanistan, he said that Afghans were talking to the Taliban for a political solution to the problem. The situation in Afghanistan is very complicated, even the United States does not understand what is happening in Afghanistan or what will happen there in a month, the biggest loser in Afghanistan is India.


He said that Pakistan has taken a clear stand on the issue of Afghanistan and there is no military solution to the Afghan problem, the future of Afghanistan is to be decided by the Afghan parties which is acceptable to the Afghan people. If the world does not pay attention to Afghanistan, there will be more bloodshed.

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