Exhibition of “Soekarno’s Legacy in Building Stronger Bonds of Indonesia-Pakistan Brotherhood” launched

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the National Archives of Indonesia, the National Library of Pakistan, and National Archives of Pakistan inaugurated today a week-long exhibition of “Soekarno’s Legacy in Building Stringer Bonds of Indonesia-Pakistan Brotherhood, National Library of Pakistan, 29 November-2 December 2023. The main objective of the exhibition generate more awareness among the people of Pakistan about the historic multi-dimensional Indonesia-Pakistan relationship.

The exhibition showcases a compelling collection of photographs, videos, and letters, between the founding fathers of Indonesia (Soekarno) and Pakistan (Muhammad Ali Jinnah). It offers a unique glimpse into the visits of President Soekarno to Pakistan in 1960s, underlining the shared history that binds the two nations.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest and Head of National Archives of Indonesia Mr. Imam Gunarto expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the people of Pakistan for their love and respect to the leaders of Indonesia especially President Soekarno. Mr Imam emphasized “such events will strengthen the cultural relations between the two countries especially in the fields of archives and history”.

In his short remarks, the Charge d’ Affaires of the Indonesian Embassy Mr. Yusran Hadromi extended his gratitude to National Library of Pakistan and National Archives of Pakistan for their valuable contribution and support in organizing this exhibition. Mr. Yusran highlighted, “as two of the world’s largest Muslim countries, our two countries share lot of historic and cultural commonalities that provide many opportunities to grow together…President Soekarno is highly respected by the people and Government of Pakistan in recognition of his sincere efforts to bring two countries closer to each other”.


The Guest of Honor, Senator Mushahid Hussain, valued the exhibition and expressed deep appreciation to Soekarno’s role as a statesman. Senator Mushahid further addressed, “Soekarno’s revolutionary spirit echoes in the shared values of democracy, independence, and cultural diversity that continue to unite Indonesia and Pakistan. This exhibition is a timely reminder of the strong foundation laid by our visionary leaders, paving the way for a future of collaboration and mutual prosperity”


The Director General of National Library of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Iqbal Khan elaborated, “this exhibition serves as a bridge between our two nations, connecting us through the rich tapestry of history that binds Indonesia and Pakistan together”. In addition, the Director of National Archives of Pakistan, Dr Mazhar Saeed remarked, “the showcased archives underscore the importance of preserving our shared heritage, ensuring that the legacy of leaders like Dr. Soekarno and Muhammad Ali Jinnah continues to inspire generations.”


The event also featured captivating performances by Indonesian students on the stage, showcasing brilliant angklung music and dance performances, including Pasambahan, Randai, and Indang dances—a vibrant representation of West Sumatra province. The Indang dance, in particular, reflects the cultural progression in the Minangkabau community, symbolizing the arrival of Islam in West Sumatra in the 13th century.

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