Monsoon rains in Gilgit-Baltistan flood situation, Karakoram Highway block

By Our Correspondent

GILGIT-BALTISTAN : The ongoing monsoon spell in Gilgit-Baltistan has severely affected the livelihood system due to flash floods, floods and landslides in various places. Karakoram Highway was blocked at 25 places from Raikot Bridge to Governor Farm. The stranded passengers were taken on foot to Gilgit. The Meteorological Department predicted more rains.


Heavy rains in Gilgit-Baltistan wreaked havoc, completely destroying houses, crops and access roads. The worst affected districts are Ghizer, Nagar, Diamer, Ghancha and Astor, where floods and landslides damaged roads, land, bridges and water supply channels.


Due to landslides, Karakoram Highway was destroyed at Tata Pani. Babusar Road was also affected. Gilgit-Shandor Road, Brest was flooded in Ghazar district.


On the other hand, Gilgit-Skardu road was also eroded due to high flow of water in the Indus River. The Ashkuman Valley Road was cut off at Gutkash due to flooding in the Ashkuman River.


A bridge at Chhorbat in Ghanchha district and drains in the population were also flooded. Valley Road and two bridges in Nagar district were flooded. The administration says it could take at least three days to restore the Karakoram Highway.


According to the Meteorological Department, rains are expected again at various places, prompting tourists and locals to exercise caution.

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