Petrol will cost Rs 1.71 more. The new prices will be applicable from August 1

By Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD : The government has approved an increase in the price of petrol. The price of petrol was increased by Rs 1.71 per liter after which the new price of petrol became Rs 119.80 per liter. Rejected summary of increase in diesel prices. The new prices will take effect tonight at 12 noon.

The government raised petrol prices for the second time in July. On the recommendation of OGRA, the government has increased the price of petrol by Rs 1.71 per liter. After the increase, petrol will be available at Rs 119.80 per liter, high speed diesel at Rs 116.53 per liter and light diesel at Rs 84.67 per liter. But the price of kerosene will remain at Rs 85.75.

Special Assistant Shahbaz Gul said that the common man and farmers are more affected by the increase in diesel prices, therefore the summary of increase in diesel prices has been rejected. He claimed that according to the data of July 26, the price of petrol in 27 countries of the world is lower than Pakistan and in 140 countries it is higher than Pakistan.

He said that the average price of petrol in the world is 1. 1.19 per liter but the price of petrol in Pakistan is 7 0.72 per liter. Petroleum products in the world have increased by 47% but in Pakistan it has increased by 11%.

On the other hand, citizens are outraged over the rise in prices of petroleum products, saying that only an increase in the prices of petroleum products will lead to a storm of inflation.

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