Corona positive case rate in the country recorded 8.61%

By Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD : In the fourth wave of Corona, the prevalence of cases did not decrease, the positive rate in the country was recorded at 8.6 percent.


The fourth wave of the corona epidemic continues to intensify, with the number of cases increasing daily and the positive rate rising to alarming levels.


Yesterday, the rate of positive cases of Corona was 8.61% across the country, the overall rate in Punjab was recorded at 4.1% and in Lahore at 5.4%, while in Rawalpindi it was 12.9%.


Delta variant attacks are also continuing in Sindh and the rate of positive cases in the province has been more than 15%.


The rate of positive cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reached 5.6 per cent and in the provincial capital Peshawar 21 per cent, with the highest recorded at 31 per cent in Nowshera.


The rate of positive cases was reported in Balochistan at 7.26 percent and the highest rate was recorded in Gwadar at 65.12 percent.

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