China ready to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan: Envoy

China has stressed for implementing a holistic approach to national security in building the Pak-China community with shared future.

In an article, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Ambassador Jiang Zaidong said China stands ready to work hand-in-hand with Pakistan to defeat the evil attempt at disrupting our cooperation.

He said we are also ready to work with Pakistan to safeguard development with security and to promote security with development.

The Ambassador said we should take the promotion of international security as a support, and further enhance China-Pakistan counter-terrorism and security cooperation.

Quoting the President Xi Jinping’s vision of Global Security Initiative, he stressed that all countries need to work together in addressing various security challenges for win-win results.

The Ambassador said we stand ready to work with Pakistan in jointly implementing the Global Security Initiative and building a peaceful and secure homeland.

Condemning the 26th March terrorist attack on Chinese workers in Pakistan, he called for taking resolute actions to crackdown on terrorists.

He expressed hope that Pakistani side will speed up the investigation of the incident, find out the truth, and severely punish the perpetrators

The Ambassador further said we should take economic security as foundation, and continue to promote the building of an upgraded version of CPEC.

For this purpose, he said, China stands ready to further strengthen counter-terrorism and security cooperation with Pakistan, to maintain high pressure and rigorous operation, so as to decisively strike the terrorism.

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